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What Is My House Worth?

What is going on in the real estate market these days? With all of the homes built and the price of property going down, I am sure the price you paid for your house yesterday could be higher than the price you can get for it today. This came to light after I asked myself “what is my house worth?”

I had tried having a home appraisal done by searching in the phone book and found myself talking to a lot of answering machines and asking them if they could tell me what is my house worth. I spent more time waiting on them and trying to find an appraiser that I was on the verge of giving up.

It you wonder what your house is worth and do not want to spend a lot of time and effort looking to find an appraiser, get connected with a real estate agent for a quick and reliable answer on your property value dilemma.


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Owner Selling House

There is a way to do house selling by owner and not use a REALTOR. Save yourself a lot of money, but remember it is basically up to you to decide whether or not they should perform house selling by owner. There are many advantages and disadvantages if you are going about house selling by owner. You will notice more and more for sale by owner signs in front of houses people are currently selling.

One of the major advantages would be that you will not have to give pay real estate agent fees, which is usually a percentage of 6% of the total of a property value. Another great advantage would be that you will always be available to show your home and answer any phone calls when someone is looking to buy.

Some of the disadvantages:

Do a little research on recent houses that were sold in your area in order to determine the right asking price. If you are house selling by owner you will save tons of money, but if you are not comfortable doing all the additional work then you should find a local REALTOR who has a good reputation with the sales of homes. Weigh out your options first.

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For Sale By Owner

Thinking of putting your home on the market yourself and listing it as “For Sale By Owner?” As the real estate market slows there are some things you will want to ponder before you decide to sell it alone.

One of the most important things in selling real estate is determining the value of your property. There are many factors that affect the value of your home and it is important to consider these key factors when deciding on a listing price: Property size, condition of the home and any alterations, upgrades you¹ve made, including landscaping, neighborhood environment, comparable sales and the school district. All of these play a vital role in determining the price of your home.

If you aren¹t listing your property with an agent then you will need some assistance in understanding what part these factors play. The whole idea behind selling your home yourself is to increase your profit, so don¹t underestimate your asset and list it for the wrong price. Too high a price and your home could sit on the market for months. Too low a price, and you¹ve given your money away.

There are many home valuation tools that can help guide you to an appropriate listing price. Unfortunately, many of the online home valuation sites provide only generalized report estimating the value of your home by zip code or square footage with comparison to recently sold homes in your area. These valuations can be very deceiving because they are not based directly on your home and they do not consider all the important factors. It is important that you get an individual valuation of your property, which will include all of the key factors: Size, Condition, Location, etc.

Once you have researched the value of your home you may feel you are ready to list it as “For Sale By Owner,” it is important to first consider the potential pitfalls to selling your home without the experience of a real estate professional.

Selling your home on your own is a very time consuming and laborious task, particularly if you have a full-time job you also have to attend too. FSBO sellers need to be wary of bargain hunters that do not want to pay top dollar and easily convince you to accept a lower offer. If you are not an experienced negotiator, you may find yourself accepting less than you bargained for. Sellers will also need to study up on the legal issues that affect real estate transactions. As the market continues to slow in some states, homes are staying on the market longer. Owners attempting to sell their own homes need to be prepared for the fact that their home may be on the market for months or longer. In most areas the days of the fast market when homes were listed on the market for only hours or days are becoming much less common.

Working with an agent can help guide you through the difficult maze of real estate. After all your ultimate goal is to get top dollar for your home so why not use the expertise of a real estate agent to help you do that, and some real estate brokers are even open to negotiating commissions.

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Home Valuation Calculator


A home value calculator estimates the value of your house. When you use a website’s home valuation calculator, it will not take much of your time. They ask a few important questions about your house in order for the calculator to work properly. Some of the questions they may include in order to come up with an estimate of your property value would be:

  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Square footage
  • Acreage
  • Complete house address

Give all the information that is needed for a home value report, many sites will connect you with real estate agents who will give you a call to arrange a time to meet and determine what your house is worth. Once you find out the value of you house you will know about how much you can get for it when you sell it. Home appraisers calculate home value with a huge checklist and a bunch of added notes they may write about your house. They also cost you a small fee.

No matter which way you go about using a calculator home valuation to find out what your house is worth, you will find that it will be very helpful in the end when you decide to put your house on the market for sale. You will now have a better idea as to what you should be asking for your house and approximately what the lowest possible price is that you can take for it.

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Leon County Property Appraiser

Do you want to sell your Tallahassee area home? Perhaps you should be looking for a Leon County home appraiser. As any taxpayer knows, the value of your home will influence the taxation of your residence. The job of a Leon County property appraiser is to determine the property value of your home for these tax purposes.

There are other reasons, however, why someone might hire an assessor. If you are looking to sell your home, you will need information regarding its fair market value. A Leon County property appraiser will provide you that type of assessment for homes in Tallahassee and other cities in Florida. As a result, when you look to place your home on the public Florida real estate market, the documents that a Leon County property appraiser has will be essential to your sale.

Performing a house appraisal requires several steps.

  • The assessor will need to compare your home to the market information about other homes in your state and local area to see how much it should sell for.
  • They will need data about all how much money the homes were worth in each of these different sales. That information will serve as the basis for their price estimate.
  • The property appraiser will take into account the general condition of the land. The appearance, amount of damage, amount of work required, adherence to safety regulations, etc. will all affect the overall price of the real estate.
  • Finally, considerations involving your street and area will be important. The quality of government services like schools, the presence of local businesses and stores, etc.

Are looking to find your home value? Looking to sell your Florida home? Connect with a local real estate agent who can refer you to the Leon County property appraiser. Often, an experienced real estate agent can provide you a free home value estimate that closely matches the dollar figure a property appraiser would assess to your home.

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House Price Finder

Do you want a house price finder? Do you want to know exactly how much money you should receive when you sell your home? Did you know there are trained individuals who will actually act as a house price finder for you?

What does it take to be a house price finder? Time. Classes. Certifications. You have to learn how to find the value a home and use that to figure out the essential cost of the property. You need to be on top of the news. You need to know how each record of sales can affect the purchase cost or the amount that someone will want to buy a property.

House value finders have to review the recent sales prices of other homes, because those indicate how much money someone is willing to offer for a home. They need to examine what kind of condition the property is in and how that affects actual prices. They need to know how repairs can push back figures, how the job market is in the area, the average growth, the local schools, and aspects of the city.

Do you need to find a house price finder? Connect with a local real estate agent, because they can do all of this and a lot more in helping you with any real estate needs.

There are numerous places where they may be available. Check your telephone book. Look in real estate advertising. Or visit GetMyHomesValue and get connected with one immediately through our online home value calculator tool.

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Comparable House Prices

It’s a challenge in today’s ever changing real estate market to quickly and easily find the information you need about the accurate price of your estate or property. Finding comparable house prices of homes in your town or city is the first step to discovering what your house is worth and what you can feasibly sell your own property for.

Internet based services make finding comparable house prices a cinch. Online house value calculators are simple to use and readily available. With most, you enter your zip code into our online calculator.

More research is really needed to find comparable house prices in your area, however. There are websites that provide this type of information, but professional real estate agents that do thorough research are probably the best source a person that needs home information has. With accurate listings of what other houses in your area are selling for, most real estate agents can give you comparable house prices quickly over the phone.

Want to know the greatest part of working with a real estate agent? It’s most cases, it’s free! Sick of paging though ad after ad of realtors in the newspaper or Homes and Land? There are websites that will play matchmaker with you and a real estate agent, putting you together with a housing market expert in your area.

Where else can you go, in your pajamas, and find all the real estate information you’ve been waiting for? The internet, of course!

Whether you’re browsing the home market or seriously considering purchasing a new home, use an online calculator to get an estimate of your house value, then connect with a real estate agent to find the real answer.

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