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Mobile Home Valuation

Considering a “move on up” home change from a mobile home to a two-story house or rancher? Then you’re likely trying to figure out how much your mobile home is worth.

Mobile homes typically tend to depreciate as they age, unlike other home styles. Be aware of this before seeking your home value.

Below are some ideas to consider for discovering the value of your mobile home. Which choice will you make when the time comes to move? Here are some options:

  • Connect with a local real estate agent and ask them “what’s my home worth?
  • Call a home appraiser and have them evaluate your home value.
  • An online service that provides a free online appraisal.
You can start with any of these three options, but be aware that home appraisers often cost around $300. Also, online valuation services like will not be able to step foot inside your home.
Real estate agents in your area sell homes of a variety of sizes in your local market everyday, and will be able to quickly help you discover how much your house is worth.

October 13, 2008 at 4:00 pm 1 comment

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