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Manufactured Home Values

If you are looking to find the value of a home that is manufactured, there are several good places to start your research.

  • Search online
  • Look in your telephone book for the nearest retailer
  • Go to the actual retailers who build and sell these houses

The retailers will obviously have information on brand new house prices, but if you’re looking for an idea of cost for purchasing a home, this is obviously the place to go. If you are considering a manufactured home as an investment, know that mobile homes typically decrease in price rather than increase. If you do a lot of improvements to the house, any home will be higher in the future than the few years before the improvements.

Want another way to find a manufactured property value? Do a search on the internet and try to find a website that has mobile house listings. For accurate manufactured home values, you should probably connect with a local real estate agent.

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Inflated House Values

With inflated house values, 2006 was a great time for homeowners to sell their property. They were able to get top dollars for their homes.

Today, we live in a different economy, and a different housing market. The biggest problem with inflated house values was for the people who were in the market to buy a home. Inflated house values made it very difficult for couples just starting out to try and purchase a new home. Wages were not rising as fast as the inflated house values.

Right around the peak of the bubble was the first time in recent memory that purchasing a foreclosure property or a fixer upper became an increasingly popular idea. At the time, there seemed to be no way to tell when those inflated house values would drop, or if they ever would.

For people thinking about selling their homes, the housing boom was great. People who wanted to sell could almost buy a home one day, and put it on sale the next.

If you want to see just how high these inflated house values really were, consider contacting a local real estate agent who’s been in the business since at least 2000. They likely have the best industry research at their fingertips to show you how much prices have changed in the wake of the “burst bubble” on the housing market.

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Best Months To Sell Your House

Thinking about selling your current property? Want to make sure you get the best price possible?

I have a solution for you. Learn the best months to sell your house. Real estate prices can be finicky and they change drastically from month to month.

According to James Woolley of, the best time to sell your house is during the spring and summer months. Generally during these warmer time periods in the US, asking prices for homes are at their peak.

Looking to buy? Woolley suggests looking for a home during the shoulder seasons, the fall and the winter. There are less houses on the market during these periods, but home values are generally lower during these times.

What time periods have you found the most success selling your house in your area?

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How Much House Worth

Want to know how much your house is worth? Get an appraisal done on your property. Have a local real estate agent come out to your home and do a full appraisal for a small fee (about $250.00).

A home appraiser will go over everything in your house. From top to bottom on the interior and exterior, a home appraiser will investigate your home in order to answer the question “how much is my house worth?

Does hiring an appraiser sound like a little more of an investment than you were looking for to discover your homes value? You could also get a property evaluation done by a local real estate agent. Typically, real estate agents can determine a home’s value within 10% of a professional appraiser.

There are a wide variety of websites that can connect you with a local real estate agent. With most sites, you will only need to fill out a short form with a little bit of important information regarding the property. A local agent will then get in contact with you to let you know how much your house is worth.

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Florida Save Our Homes Act

Florida’s Save Our Homes Act is an amendment that was added to this state’s constitution 13 years ago. In short, the Save Our Homes amendment holds firm (within 3%) a property owners’ taxes year-to-year, regardless of property appreciation.

The Save Our Homes Act says the assessed taxable value of a home will not increase more then 3% of the percentage change in the consumer price index, per year. When you sell your property, the home’s assessed value returns to market value in the following year. This new market assessed value then becomes the base value for taxation.

I’ve never lived in Florida and am not an expert in real estate legalities from state to state. Florida residents looking for expert advice on how the Save Our Homes Act should consult a real estate agent or professional legal counsel.

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House Appraisal Checklist

You want to move. You recently found a hot property at a great value. Fantastic! But before you move into a new home, the process of selling your current home has to begin.

Since most people have to sell their current house in order to move into a new home, here is a useful checklist of things to consider before you meet with a local real estate agent or appraiser to have your house appraised.

  • Do you want to use a real estate agent? Will you be selling the house yourself?
  • How much is your house worth?
  • How many bedrooms does your house have? Figure out the square footage of the bedrooms.
  • What is the square footage of your house?
  • Does your house have a garage? How many?
  • Get your house listed for sale.

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St Joseph Home Sales: Myth Or Fact?

Trying to get your home sold and not getting any offers? One tale known to work pretty well is to use a Saint Joseph Statue. These statues can be purchased online. When you get it, bury it in your backyard.

Many people have used a Saint Joseph Statue to sell their house with great success. If you are Catholic, using a St. Joseph Statue to sell a house as a sign of good faith is definitely a great option.

When you use a Saint Joseph Statue to sell a house, most people will pray to it everyday. Make sure you mark where you put the statue to sell your house.

While using a St. Joseph statue is a common practice, does it REALLY produce results? Or is it merely an ancient myth without a guarantee?

Leave us some success stories with St. Joseph’s Statue in the comments section. Or, if you think its a bunch of hooey, tell us that too.

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Upside Down In Your Mortgage?

With home values dropping across the country, there is a growing fear among homeowners that their house is worth less than they currently owe. Are you one of those homeowners?

Most people purchasing a home in today’s market are required to put at least 20% down, but if you just purchased a home and didn’t put much money down, then there is a chance you could owe more than your current homes value. Interest and an early payoff penalty for your mortgage loan could also make the value of the home less than you owe. If you have failed to maintain your property during the past few years, its value could also see a severe dip.

If you do own a house worth less than owed, DON’T PANIC… and by all means, realize that you aren’t alone.

The best way to discover if you owe more on your home than its current value on the market is to get connected with a local real estate agent. Most real estate agents will assess your home for free using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Having a CMA done on your property is free and includes information similar to what you would find on a professional appraisal.

You know how much you owe on the property – a real estate agent knows how much your property is worth. Real estate agents in your area spend every day of their working life examining your local real estate market. Who else would you trust for real estate market information?

Local appraisers can cost a couple hundred dollars, and often there is a time delay in how long it takes them to visit your property. Real estate agents have a huge database of information available to them on the local housing market, and can often create a CMA in as little as a day.

Finally, if you’re having trouble paying your mortgage and are upside down, you should contact your lender immediately. They will ask you to send in a hardship package to establish your financial situation. Part of this package will be a hardship letter, which explains your situation and offers a workable solution. There are sample hardship letters all over the internet if you have writer’s block.

If you’re worried that you owe more on your house than its current value, get connected with a local real estate agent to find the answer. Visit, type in your zip code in the box on the right, click submit and fill out your information on the following page. GetMyHomesValue will connect you with a local real estate agent as soon as possible, and you can be on your way to finding your homes value.

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