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St. Joseph Statue’s Help Home Sales

Trying to get your home sold and not getting any offers? One myth out there that seems to work great is to use a Statue of St. Joseph to sell house.

If you are researching the mythical powers of a St. Joseph statue, check out these sources:

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Ever used a St. Joseph Statue to sell your house? Drop a line in the comments below and let us know how it worked out for you.
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Is Your Housing Situation A Hardship?

Thanks to Todd Temaat of for this guest post. Survive Foreclosure On Your Terms.

Real estate hardship has become much more familiar to a lot of people in the last year or so, as the bursting of the housing marketing bubble has pushed home foreclosure rates through the roof (no pun intended). With more and more people dealing with potential real estate hardship, it’s important for you to understand what it is and how you might possibly find relief–that is, if you can qualify for it.

Real estate hardship comes about for a homeowner for two basic reasons: either they have had a sudden diminishing of income, or they have had a sudden increase in expenses without any concurrent increase in income. Either one of these situations can cause a homeowner to suddenly find it difficult to keep up with paying the mortgage.

An unexpected or unavoidable drop in income might hit you for a number of reasons.

If you run your own business and your business suddenly goes under–maybe you had a bad business partner who got your firm into legal trouble–you will suddenly find yourself without the income you relied on.

Of course, another way to lose income is to get laid off. Certain sections of our economy aren’t all that stead right now, and if you work in one of them you could find yourself getting the pink slip with little notice.

Then there’s the typical two-income household. If your spouse gets laid off or becomes disabled, you’ll have less money coming in. In the case of disability, even if your spouse is covered by insurance, there are laws prohibiting people from making 100% of their working income through insurance just as there are with unemployment insurance benefits.

And, hey–speaking of insecurity on the job, you may just be forced to take a sudden pay cut if your business finds itself in danger of closing its doors. Not much you can do about that.

Any of those incidences could qualify you as a case of real estate hardship, and you might be able to work with your lender to lower your payment or get refinanced into a better mortgage. But, if you do things to cause your own problems, don’t expect any charity. If you quit your job in disgust…if you do something stupid and easily avoidable to get yourself fired…or if you ARE that bad business partner…you probably should start packing.


An unexpected or unavoidable increase in expenses may also bite you in the heel and cause severe financial problems.

Let’s say that you have a case where you were planning, and were told that you could, refinance your balloon mortgage in a couple years when the ballooning started…but when that happens, you find that due to your home value decreasing, you don’t have enough equity to refinance. Now you’ve got a big increase in expenses that you had planned not to have.

Here’s one for ya: your wife is pregnant. You are prepared for that. What you weren’t prepared for are the quadruplets. BIG increase.

Let’s say you’re that business owner and with the market forces being what they are you’ve suddenly got considerably higher fuel and supply-stock costs. These can come on rather suddenly and hit your bank account very hard.

Or let’s say that, although you have done nothing wrong, someone decides to sue you–this is all too common nowadays. You still will need a legal defense and the case could drag on for months. Lawyers ain’t cheap.

Again, with the above situations you can possibly get help from the lender’s Loss Mit department that deals with cases of real estate hardship. But, again, don’t think you can be irresponsible and cause your own problems and then cry for help. You didn’t NEED to buy that new 17-ft sailboat. You didn’t NEED to buy that Ferrari (you don’t need three cars). And what’s with the gambling habit? Start packing.


If you want to try to qualify as a real estate hardship case to save your house–do NOT try to get sympathy from Loss Mit. They aren’t going to work with you just because they feel sorry for you, because they probably don’t anyway. You need to make a rational case that includes evidence that you will be able to make a quick and full recovery in the near future.

Lenders would rather preserve a loan than have to foreclose, but that’s the only reason they will work with you. They’re not monsters, but business is business, and they hear special pleadings daily. Your real estate hardship case needs to be stronger than just an appeal to emotion.

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Rental Property Valuation

Editor’s Note: Below is an article on rental real estate values. does not endorse a rental property management service. Instead, GetMyHomesValue connects real estate agents nationwide to homeowners with real estate needs. For more information on real estate agent services from, call 877.545.3237.

Managing rental properties on your own? Looking to invest in rental real estate? Here are some tips for you to get started on the most common form of real estate investing.

  • Find out the fair market value of your properties
  • Find a software to help you manage the properties

Property management software will be essential for investors who are looking at having multiple properties. With property management software like Rent Roll Pro, your rental property valuation tool and property management software will be able to work together, helping you manage the places you own and rent out easily.You will definitely notice that getting a rental property valuation tool like Rent Roll Pro will make your renting life a whole lot easier and it will save you time and money in the end.

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