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FSBO Home Sale Forms

Considering going the “FSBO” route for your home sale in today’s market? There are many government sources online that provide free downloads for filling out any FSBO-related forms. In today’s market, you’re likely trying to save as much money as possible.

Check out some of these links below (thanks to if you’re considering selling your home the FSBO route and want to avoid paying the costs of forms. Instant downloads of the forms are also available at the following links for $9.99.

Of course, you should use professional, legal counsel where necessary. Also, some states have their own individual forms and regulations for selling real estate.

Are you only considering FSBO as an option for selling your home in today’s market? Have you been researching and are thinking that perhaps selling your own real estate might not be the best option? Consider working with a local real estate agent to help sell your home.

Connect with a local real estate agent at Real estate agents are industry experts on your local housing market, and agents who work with GetMyHomesValue will provide you a free home value analysis at your first meeting.

To get connected with a local real estate agent and receive a free property evaluation, click the “Find Your Home’s Value” button at the top right of this page today, and follow the instructions on the following page.


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Affordable Housing: Used Mobile Homes

Becoming a landlord is a great business idea. With so many foreclosed homes available on the market, buying a few acres of land near a local college and putting together a mobile home park to rent to college students sounds like a great investment.

College markets are always going to need affordable housing. Most double wide mobile homes have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and sometimes two bathrooms. With these accommodations, college students could have a roommate, cut their expenses, and have privacy with their own bedroom.

When you’re searching for used mobile home prices online, results will include manufactured homes. Don’t confuse the two. Another possible roadblock you might come across in trying to establish a mobile home park is that people have a negative association with them.

Some people out there are looking to sell their mobile homes. Make sure you analyze the cost of moving used mobile homes when you consider moving them to a different location. This can be costly.

Speaking with a local real estate agent could be the best option you have as a first step towards determining if a mobile home park is something you should invest in.

To get connected with a local real estate agent in your area, visit Type in your zip code in the box on the right, click submit, and fill out the information on the following page. GetMyHomesValue will then connect you with a local real estate agent to discuss your real estate needs.

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