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Broward Property Appraisal

If you’re thinking of checking out real estate in the state of Florida, there’s no better time to do it than now!

In today’s buyer-centered housing market, getting your hands on hot property in a place like Broward County, Florida isn’t impossible.

How much are homes worth in Broward County? With beautiful weather most of the year and great cities like Fort Lauderdale, home values might not be as bad there as other areas in Florida. Be aware of the fact that home appraisals could be affected by the weather, especially the threat of hurricanes.

There is plenty of information out there on Broward County. Here’s some info on Broward County from the Census Bureau:

  • Population (2006 estimate): 1.78 million
  • Population percent change (2000 – 2006): 10.1%
  • Housing units (2006): 796,539
  • Households (2000): 654,445
  • Homeownership rate (2000): 69.5%
  • Housing units in multi-unit structures (2000): 47.5%
  • Median home value (2000): $128,600
  • Persons per household (2000): 2.45
  • Median household income (2004): $43,136

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Broward County Property Appraisal

Florida has a stereotype of lots of sunshine, beach, and Disney World. There’s no doubt that this is true. But, many people overlook the whole hurricane element. Broward County property appraisals take this into consideration.

Every home owner should do some major research on home insurance policies, but Sunshine State residents are at much more of a risk than other parts of the country because of Hurricane Season.

Other things to consider when trying to access the appraisal value of your property in Broward County:

  • Educate yourself with the area surrounding you.
  • Familiarize yourself with what local property values are.
  • Get connected with a real estate agent.

The Fort Lauderdale area is one of the nicest parts of the country. Examining your property’s worth and get connected with a real estate agent to determine how much it could sell for in today’s housing market.

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