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House Price Finder

Do you want a house price finder? Do you want to know exactly how much money you should receive when you sell your home? Did you know there are trained individuals who will actually act as a house price finder for you?

What does it take to be a house price finder? Time. Classes. Certifications. You have to learn how to find the value a home and use that to figure out the essential cost of the property. You need to be on top of the news. You need to know how each record of sales can affect the purchase cost or the amount that someone will want to buy a property.

House value finders have to review the recent sales prices of other homes, because those indicate how much money someone is willing to offer for a home. They need to examine what kind of condition the property is in and how that affects actual prices. They need to know how repairs can push back figures, how the job market is in the area, the average growth, the local schools, and aspects of the city.

Do you need to find a house price finder? Connect with a local real estate agent, because they can do all of this and a lot more in helping you with any real estate needs.

There are numerous places where they may be available. Check your telephone book. Look in real estate advertising. Or visit GetMyHomesValue and get connected with one immediately through our online home value calculator tool.


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Sell Your House Online

With today’s technology, positioning your home online to sell is one of the easiest things to do.

Selling a home in today’s market, however, is another story…

There are many different ways to sell a house on the internet. First, you need to either have a home appraisal or have a comparative market analysis completed. Either of these reports will let you find home value.

When you decide to sell your house on the internet, the listing website will want to know:

  • If the property is on commercial or residential property
  • If you have pictures to upload
  • General home information
  • If there are any problems that need attention

Of course, selling a home in today’s market is no easy task. You should probably work with a real estate agent who knows your local housing market to determine how much your house is worth.

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Average House Price

Doom and gloom articles are showing up every day in the newspaper when it comes to house values. Average house prices are falling! Reports all show that average house values have dropped since 2004. In October of ’04, the average price for a single family home was $243,540, based on 23,466 loans from 77 lenders.

At that time, house values were on an upswing. In October 2003, the average house prices were $243,756. That means over the course of one year, home values increased approximately 8%, or about $20,000! That is a significant jump for one year. Some attribute this to the fact that most mortgage rates were around 6% at the time.

Home prices have been dropping, but with prices on such a skyrocket jump during the housing boom, weren’t prices bound to come back to earth as the markets normalized?

Today, the average house price is down in many areas across the country. This can be determined simply by watching homes that have sold in the newspaper. Curb appeal aside, do you know what the average home price is in your neighborhood, and how your home compares?

If you are wondering how the value of your home has changed in today’s housing market, it would behoove you to visit today to get connected with a local real estate agent who is an expert in your market.

You may be a bit surprised at what your home might be worth. To get started in receiving a free home value estimate from a local real estate agent, visit and type your zipcode in the box on the top right. Follow the instructions on the following page, and GetMyHomesValue will put you in touch with a local real estate agent to assist you with your needs.

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