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What Is My House Worth?

What is going on in the real estate market these days? With all of the homes built and the price of property going down, I am sure the price you paid for your house yesterday could be higher than the price you can get for it today. This came to light after I asked myself “what is my house worth?”

I had tried having a home appraisal done by searching in the phone book and found myself talking to a lot of answering machines and asking them if they could tell me what is my house worth. I spent more time waiting on them and trying to find an appraiser that I was on the verge of giving up.

It you wonder what your house is worth and do not want to spend a lot of time and effort looking to find an appraiser, get connected with a real estate agent for a quick and reliable answer on your property value dilemma.

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Owner Selling House

There is a way to do house selling by owner and not use a REALTOR. Save yourself a lot of money, but remember it is basically up to you to decide whether or not they should perform house selling by owner. There are many advantages and disadvantages if you are going about house selling by owner. You will notice more and more for sale by owner signs in front of houses people are currently selling.

One of the major advantages would be that you will not have to give pay real estate agent fees, which is usually a percentage of 6% of the total of a property value. Another great advantage would be that you will always be available to show your home and answer any phone calls when someone is looking to buy.

Some of the disadvantages:

Do a little research on recent houses that were sold in your area in order to determine the right asking price. If you are house selling by owner you will save tons of money, but if you are not comfortable doing all the additional work then you should find a local REALTOR who has a good reputation with the sales of homes. Weigh out your options first.

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Home Valuation Calculator


A home value calculator estimates the value of your house. When you use a website’s home valuation calculator, it will not take much of your time. They ask a few important questions about your house in order for the calculator to work properly. Some of the questions they may include in order to come up with an estimate of your property value would be:

  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Square footage
  • Acreage
  • Complete house address

Give all the information that is needed for a home value report, many sites will connect you with real estate agents who will give you a call to arrange a time to meet and determine what your house is worth. Once you find out the value of you house you will know about how much you can get for it when you sell it. Home appraisers calculate home value with a huge checklist and a bunch of added notes they may write about your house. They also cost you a small fee.

No matter which way you go about using a calculator home valuation to find out what your house is worth, you will find that it will be very helpful in the end when you decide to put your house on the market for sale. You will now have a better idea as to what you should be asking for your house and approximately what the lowest possible price is that you can take for it.

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House Price Finder

Do you want a house price finder? Do you want to know exactly how much money you should receive when you sell your home? Did you know there are trained individuals who will actually act as a house price finder for you?

What does it take to be a house price finder? Time. Classes. Certifications. You have to learn how to find the value a home and use that to figure out the essential cost of the property. You need to be on top of the news. You need to know how each record of sales can affect the purchase cost or the amount that someone will want to buy a property.

House value finders have to review the recent sales prices of other homes, because those indicate how much money someone is willing to offer for a home. They need to examine what kind of condition the property is in and how that affects actual prices. They need to know how repairs can push back figures, how the job market is in the area, the average growth, the local schools, and aspects of the city.

Do you need to find a house price finder? Connect with a local real estate agent, because they can do all of this and a lot more in helping you with any real estate needs.

There are numerous places where they may be available. Check your telephone book. Look in real estate advertising. Or visit GetMyHomesValue and get connected with one immediately through our online home value calculator tool.

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Lowest U.S. Home Selling Prices

Looking to find the lowest home selling prices in the United States? There are many websites that have current house listings for sale all over the country. This is a great way to see approximately what houses are worth and going for in different cities across the U.S. If you spend several hours on these sites and search around, you should definitely be able to find the lowest home selling prices in the United States.

You may also find websites that will tell you where the lowest home selling prices in the United States are located. By doing a little research, you’ll probably find that most of these low house values are located in areas that are either out in the suburbs far away from stores and schools, or in bad areas of certain cities.

I’m totally generalizing here, but you can see the internet is a great way to do your research when trying to find the lowest home selling prices in the United States.

Another good way would be to call your local realtor. With the amount of research available to them, they will definitely be able to tell you if your local area has some of the lowest home selling prices in the United States.

There is really only one reason some people choose not to use a real estate agent and that is the simple fact that realtors are people. For some reason, there are lots of people out there who are afraid of other people.

Get a better idea for finding good deals and lower cost housing in the U.S. – consult a local real estate agent.

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Inflated House Values

With inflated house values, 2006 was a great time for homeowners to sell their property. They were able to get top dollars for their homes.

Today, we live in a different economy, and a different housing market. The biggest problem with inflated house values was for the people who were in the market to buy a home. Inflated house values made it very difficult for couples just starting out to try and purchase a new home. Wages were not rising as fast as the inflated house values.

Right around the peak of the bubble was the first time in recent memory that purchasing a foreclosure property or a fixer upper became an increasingly popular idea. At the time, there seemed to be no way to tell when those inflated house values would drop, or if they ever would.

For people thinking about selling their homes, the housing boom was great. People who wanted to sell could almost buy a home one day, and put it on sale the next.

If you want to see just how high these inflated house values really were, consider contacting a local real estate agent who’s been in the business since at least 2000. They likely have the best industry research at their fingertips to show you how much prices have changed in the wake of the “burst bubble” on the housing market.

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Home Prices In Your Neighborhood

Want to find out home prices in your neighborhood? Contact a local real estate agent and have them create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property in a particular area.

On most real estate agent websites, they will have a listing of houses currently for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This list will have houses that are currently up for sale and the price the homesellers  are asking for them. If there are properties for sale in your area, this is one of the best ways to find out what the prices are.

Look in the local newspaper at the classified ads. Weekend editions of newspapers are a great way to see what some of the home prices in your neighborhood are. Since there are many open houses on Sunday’s, your local Sunday paper is probably a very valuable resource for checking home prices in your area.

Another internet avenue for researching home prices in your neighborhood would be Google. There are plenty of resources available on the web, so there is sure to be a real estate agent from your area who has a website with the current listings and the actual completed listings. You should have no problem finding home prices in your neighborhood.

Why would someone want to find out some of the home prices in their neighborhood?

  • They just want an idea as to the house worth of other people’s property
  • Look at the home prices in your neighborhood
  • To determine their own house value
Checking out your neighborhood is a good idea, but you should not go by just the average of what others have gotten for their homes.
Get a free home property evaluation done and you’ll know exactly how much you should get for your house.

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Mobile Home Values

Over the years, manufactured housing has changed. When you think of mobile home values, you no longer think about a trailer on wheels. Manufactured housing is now a complete unit which people make their permanent residence.

Buying a manufactured house is a very important decision. It is the exact same thing as purchasing a conventional house. Buyers will try to find their ideal house, the best price and make sure they get the best financing they can.

What are some of the advantages of purchasing a manufactured house? For one, the initial cost of a mobile home is usually lower than a conventional house. New mobile homes usually come with a one year warranty and they are required to meet certain federal and state code standards.

Mobile homes are better because they usually need less maintenance than a conventional house. Another advantage is that when you are looking at mobile homes, you have the choices of selecting your colors, furnishings and appliances which are usually found on a page a book that is given to you. These will arrive already installed in your house.

When looking at manufactured housing in parks, you’ll want to consider certain factors about the park itself. How are the other residents? What kind of neighborhood surrounds it? Is it convenient to stores, schools and most importantly, your job? Is the community area clean?

Where can you find mobile home values? Check with real estate agents who can put you in touch with contractors and dealers in the area you are interested in living. Make sure you shop around for your mobile home values and don’t make any hasty decisions until you feel comfortable with what you’ve found. Compare the current prices with other dealers in your area.

If you are looking for mobile home values and you want to purchase housing that is located on private land and not in park, make sure that the seller provides a real estate disclosure statement which will give you information on features and amenities of the house along with and problems with the property. The seller is required to do this.

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Manufactured Home Values

Looking to buy a new house? Considering the purchase of a manufactured home as opposed to purchasing one currently constructed? Look in your local phone directory for the nearest mobile or manufactured house retailer in your area.

If you go to the actual retailers who build and sell these houses, you will be able to find out new manufactured home values are. Remember, the estimates a manufactured home retailer will provide you will be for brand new house prices. At least that can give you a general idea as to what a manufactured homes should cost.

The value on used mobile or manufactured houses will definitely be less than brand new ones. Overall, mobile homes decrease in value rather than increase. If you do a lot of improvements to the house and add-ons or whatever, than manufactured home values will be higher now than they were a few years ago.

You can also find manufactured home values in something called a mobile housing book which gives manufactured home values for that particular year. These books are sort of like a car’s blue book value with only a small difference in how they come up with the price. If you want to buy a mobile home you should definitely take a look at one of these mobile housing books.

No matter which way you go about doing so you will find that it is fairly easy to find what these homes are worth no matter what state you live in.

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How Much House Worth

Want to know how much your house is worth? Get an appraisal done on your property. Have a local real estate agent come out to your home and do a full appraisal for a small fee (about $250.00).

A home appraiser will go over everything in your house. From top to bottom on the interior and exterior, a home appraiser will investigate your home in order to answer the question “how much is my house worth?

Does hiring an appraiser sound like a little more of an investment than you were looking for to discover your homes value? You could also get a property evaluation done by a local real estate agent. Typically, real estate agents can determine a home’s value within 10% of a professional appraiser.

There are a wide variety of websites that can connect you with a local real estate agent. With most sites, you will only need to fill out a short form with a little bit of important information regarding the property. A local agent will then get in contact with you to let you know how much your house is worth.

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