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Selling A House “For Sale By Owner”

Many people think if they start selling a house by owner they will save a lot of money in the end.

Keep in mind, though, that there are many advantages and disadvantages of selling a house “for sale by owner.” Some of the major advantages of selling a house by owner:

  • Not have to give the realtor their fee (about 6% of the total selling price)
  • You will always be available for showing the house and answering any phone calls
  • You will be in total control of everything that has to do with the whole transaction
  • No worries about anyone else making mistakes.

Some of the disadvantages of selling a house by owner:

  • All of the legal forms and paperwork are your responsibility
  • The cost of marketing and advertising. Listing it online will get a broader reach of people.
  • Trying to price the property correctly.

If you’re selling a house by owner, you could save tons of money. But, you will have to do a lot of additional work.

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If you find a local realtor who has a good reputation with the sale of houses, make sure you weigh your options first before choosing to sell a house by owner.

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