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What’s My Home Value

Probably one of the biggest questions you can ask yourself today is “what’s my house worth?” Many people are wondering this even if they are not in the market to sell their home.

Policies of mortgage companies and terms of contracts may vary. Contracts they use today report all money you have in your possession or bank accounts when applying for a mortgage. When applying for a loan or mortgage and selling property at the same time, agents for both parties start the process by getting all the facts. Lenders want to find home value, plus they look at the whole estate, and other homes in the general area to try and get an idea of the current market rate for houses in your particular area.

Most of the homes that are for sale have had some type of property evaluation to get a price using a true house value calculator. Top agents will tell you to always find out a home value before listing a home on the market. Contact an agent when you’re ready to sell your home. They will sit down in the privacy of your home and help you find your home value.

Other things agents do:

  • Go over the terms of the agreement to avoid any problems
  • Determine a home’s value with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Answers to any questions

There are a lot of things that can increase or decrease the amount a house could be worth. For example, how old is the roof? What condition is it in?  What type of windows/kitchen cabinets/bathrooms does the home have? Does the carpet and vinyl need replaced?

All sorts of factors play a part in determining the price of a home before it can be put on the market.

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Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis (also known as a CMA) is an important form in any potential home sale. You wouldn’t consider selling you car without first having an estimate of its value, so why risk setting the wrong price for your home?

Many homeowners looking to sell their property think visiting websites like Zillow or Cyberhomes will give them an accurate assessment of their home’s current market value. While many web pages will allow you to input various answers to simple questions such as square footage, location, amenities, and the current condition of your property, an online home valuation report done from sites like Cyberhomes often gives homeowners a false sense of their home value.

Comparative Market Analysis reports have some features that resemble a home appraisal from a professional home appraiser. For an accurate CMA, homeowners need to consult a local real estate agent or broker.

Many real estate agents will gladly help you by providing a CMA at no cost. Real estate agents have years of business knowledge in the industry and know your local market.

If you are looking to purchase a home, a CMA is an additional service a buyer agent may provide you. Contact them, and they will probably be willing to provide a CMA to you at no cost, also. In order to fix a price on a home, the homeowner had to get an appraisal completed. Use the data found in a CMA to help you determine if the costs of the homes you are researching are justifiable.

To get connected with a local real estate agent for a free CMA, visit and fill out your zip code in the box on the top right. Click submit and follow the directions on the following page. GetMyHomesValue connects home buyers and sellers with real estate needs to local real estate professionals.

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Modular Home Price Research

Looking to find out what the home price might be of a log sided modular? A good place to start is online. Do a search online, or look on your local phone book website for the closest manufacturer. Online is definitely the place to start your search – 80% of people start their searches online for real estate needs, so why wouldn’t you?

Manufacturers who build and sell these houses will be able to provide you with the latest pricing information. When you receive pricing information from a manufacturer, however, you will only be seeing costs for a brand new house.

If you want a general idea for what a used one might cost, keep in mind that they will likely cost less than a brand new one. Mobile homes typically decrease in value unless there on significant improvements made to the house.

Another place to consider researching log sided modular home prices is in a manufactured housing book. A manufactured housing book provides log sided modular home prices for a particular model and year. One of these manufactured books should be required reading for anyone looking to sell a modular home.

If you search on the internet for manufactured houses listed for sale, expect to find a pretty accurate price, pictures, and an extensive house detail.

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