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What’s My Home Value

Probably one of the biggest questions you can ask yourself today is “what’s my house worth?” Many people are wondering this even if they are not in the market to sell their home.

Policies of mortgage companies and terms of contracts may vary. Contracts they use today report all money you have in your possession or bank accounts when applying for a mortgage. When applying for a loan or mortgage and selling property at the same time, agents for both parties start the process by getting all the facts. Lenders want to find home value, plus they look at the whole estate, and other homes in the general area to try and get an idea of the current market rate for houses in your particular area.

Most of the homes that are for sale have had some type of property evaluation to get a price using a true house value calculator. Top agents will tell you to always find out a home value before listing a home on the market. Contact an agent when you’re ready to sell your home. They will sit down in the privacy of your home and help you find your home value.

Other things agents do:

  • Go over the terms of the agreement to avoid any problems
  • Determine a home’s value with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Answers to any questions

There are a lot of things that can increase or decrease the amount a house could be worth. For example, how old is the roof? What condition is it in?  What type of windows/kitchen cabinets/bathrooms does the home have? Does the carpet and vinyl need replaced?

All sorts of factors play a part in determining the price of a home before it can be put on the market.

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Home Prices In Your Neighborhood

Want to find out home prices in your neighborhood? Contact a local real estate agent and have them create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property in a particular area.

On most real estate agent websites, they will have a listing of houses currently for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This list will have houses that are currently up for sale and the price the homesellers  are asking for them. If there are properties for sale in your area, this is one of the best ways to find out what the prices are.

Look in the local newspaper at the classified ads. Weekend editions of newspapers are a great way to see what some of the home prices in your neighborhood are. Since there are many open houses on Sunday’s, your local Sunday paper is probably a very valuable resource for checking home prices in your area.

Another internet avenue for researching home prices in your neighborhood would be Google. There are plenty of resources available on the web, so there is sure to be a real estate agent from your area who has a website with the current listings and the actual completed listings. You should have no problem finding home prices in your neighborhood.

Why would someone want to find out some of the home prices in their neighborhood?

  • They just want an idea as to the house worth of other people’s property
  • Look at the home prices in your neighborhood
  • To determine their own house value
Checking out your neighborhood is a good idea, but you should not go by just the average of what others have gotten for their homes.
Get a free home property evaluation done and you’ll know exactly how much you should get for your house.

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Log Sided Modular Home Prices

Looking to find out what log sided modular home prices might be? Maybe you’re trying to figure out exactly what the major difference is between a log sided modular and a typical modular?

Obviously, the siding on the house is the biggest difference between log sided and typical modular homes. There aren’t very many authority sources on log sided modular homes, but some companies out there are able to create log siding that doesn’t shrink – a common problem in log homes. Often, using a “breathable” plastic covering on the log siding can prevent this problem.

How can you find the home value of your log sided modular? Here are some tips:

  • Contact the manufacturer who builds and sells these houses for a list of possible resell values.
  • Contact a local home appraiser.
  • Consult a manufactured housing book for that particular model and year.
  • Connect with a local real estate agent who knows your real estate market.

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Should I Sell My House?

You are ready to buy a new home. You need to sell your current home before you can afford to move. You are watching the news everyday and thinking to yourself, “should I sell my house?”

If you purchased your house in the last three years, you might want to consult a real estate agent who has a working knowledge of your local housing market before making this important decision. With the market in such a volatile state, understanding your home’s value and your housing market will be critical to your decision of whether or not to sell. A real estate agent in your area will have the answers to these tough questions.

Have you owned your home five years or longer? Despite the change in home values following the burst bubble, your home is likely worth more now than when you moved in. While the value of your home will likely be lower than during the housing boom, your home has still likely appreciated. Deciding whether or not to sell will be less drastic a decision for you.

Once you’ve made a decision on whether or not to sell, you’ll need to decide whether or not to use a real estate agent. Real estate agents know your local housing market and can be a valuable resource in determining your home’s value. Agents can also assist you with the process of finding your next house.

You wouldn’t have someone work on your car that has no previous experience with auto repair, or have a person with no knowledge of cars suggest a car for you to buy, would you?

If you’re considering selling your house, make sure you consult a local real estate expert before putting a sign in your yard and getting in over your head.

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Used Mobile Home Value Discovery

Trying to find the value of a used mobile home? Consider contacting a local real estate agent that deals with the mobile home market in your area.
Some resources can provide information to individuals looking to sell their mobile home, but the majority come from real estate agents or mobile home dealers that have an inventory of used homes to sell. The value of mobile homes will change depending on:

  • Type of house
  • Size
  • Style of floor plan
  • Amount of interchangeable parts
  • Amount of distance required to travel (if you are moving it to a new location)

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Average House Price

Doom and gloom articles are showing up every day in the newspaper when it comes to house values. Average house prices are falling! Reports all show that average house values have dropped since 2004. In October of ’04, the average price for a single family home was $243,540, based on 23,466 loans from 77 lenders.

At that time, house values were on an upswing. In October 2003, the average house prices were $243,756. That means over the course of one year, home values increased approximately 8%, or about $20,000! That is a significant jump for one year. Some attribute this to the fact that most mortgage rates were around 6% at the time.

Home prices have been dropping, but with prices on such a skyrocket jump during the housing boom, weren’t prices bound to come back to earth as the markets normalized?

Today, the average house price is down in many areas across the country. This can be determined simply by watching homes that have sold in the newspaper. Curb appeal aside, do you know what the average home price is in your neighborhood, and how your home compares?

If you are wondering how the value of your home has changed in today’s housing market, it would behoove you to visit today to get connected with a local real estate agent who is an expert in your market.

You may be a bit surprised at what your home might be worth. To get started in receiving a free home value estimate from a local real estate agent, visit and type your zipcode in the box on the top right. Follow the instructions on the following page, and GetMyHomesValue will put you in touch with a local real estate agent to assist you with your needs.

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Home Valuation Research

You’ve been reading the headlines and looking at the state of the housing market. You’re starting to wonder, “how much is my house worth?

There are a few options you have when seeking how much your house is worth. Real estate appraisers are available by phone, can come to your home, and do a complete appraisal on your property to answer your question. Appraisers will give you an accurate price of the value of your home and as many as three comparable properties.

Discovering how much your house is worth is often the first step for people looking to sell their home and those looking to refinance a home loan. In order to get approved for mortgage refinancing, banks need proof of a professional appraisal.

Appraisers can cost as little as $300, or as much as $500. They also take as much as two weeks to have space for you in their schedule. There is another option, however, which is totally free to find out how much your house is worth. Real estate agents can complete a Comparative Market Analysis, which is similar in some respects to an appraisal, for free. Having a real estate agent find your home value with a CMA is free and can be done quickly, the same day.

Consider having a free CMA done by a real estate agent to discover how much your house is worth. GetMyHomesValue can connect you with a local real estate agent, instantly in some cases.

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