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Manufactured Home Values

If you are looking to find the value of a home that is manufactured, there are several good places to start your research.

  • Search online
  • Look in your telephone book for the nearest retailer
  • Go to the actual retailers who build and sell these houses

The retailers will obviously have information on brand new house prices, but if you’re looking for an idea of cost for purchasing a home, this is obviously the place to go. If you are considering a manufactured home as an investment, know that mobile homes typically decrease in price rather than increase. If you do a lot of improvements to the house, any home will be higher in the future than the few years before the improvements.

Want another way to find a manufactured property value? Do a search on the internet and try to find a website that has mobile house listings. For accurate manufactured home values, you should probably connect with a local real estate agent.


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Determine Home Value

Are you buying a new house? Looking to sell your existing house? Maybe you need to refinance your housing payments?

Whatever the case may be, your first step in any of these projects is to determine your home value.

Many things can effect the price of a house – additions, renovations, landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, some brickwork. Home values are directly affected by sales in your local housing market. Just because the guy down the street is asking half a million for his house does not mean that is what the place is worth. When you determine home value, be realistic. Stay away from over inflating your houses worth. Find out the actual selling price of a house comparable to your own.

Other things to consider:

  • Don’t use what you paid for you house as a point of reference. What you paid then has little to do with what you will get now. Markets tend to grow (despite the home value dips of recent memory). You may have paid $70,000 ten years ago. Today, your house may be worth $120,000.
  • Stay away from what you want. Focus on what you need. Buyers are not interested in your personal finances (or lack of). Your house is worth only what you can actually get someone to buy it from you for.
  • Research, research, research. Buyers are researching. They will have a real estate agent look into your property and your neighbor’s homes. Often times, the buyer knows more than the seller. Don’t let this happen to you!

If your home price is too inflated, your house won’t sell. It will sit until you are forced to lower the asking price.

Consult with a local real estate agent before establishing your home’s market value. In today’s market, it is even tougher to go the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) route. Working with a real estate agent who knows your local market will make it easier to sell your house at a fair market value.

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Home Evaluation

Having a home evaluation completed on your property is actually a very simple task. Many people think it will be difficult and don’t want to interact with other people, so they resort to a quick answer online. It’s important to understand the difference between an automated home evaluation and a true home evaluation.

Below is a pros and cons list of using an automated home evaluation service and a local professional for home evaluation needs.

The Automated Home Evaluation

  • Tax Records Create Inaccuracies. Most of the automated sites offing free home value information like Zillow, Trulia or Cyberhomes are using tax records to calculate the value of your home. This model of evaluating your home can be extremely inaccurate, because computers often fail to take into consideration many important, local market factors.
  • The Local Markets are Changing. Your local real estate market is changing so rapidly that your properties value can literally change overnight. A computer data center that is located nowhere near your location will not be able to update rapid changes on a local level so quickly.
  • Research Yourself. My recommendation is that if you’re looking to obtain a home evaluation, use the automated free systems for fun… but you need to get connected with a local real estate professional who knows your local real estate market for an accurate home evaluation.

Local Professional Home Evaluation Sites

If you are truly looking to find out the value of your home, deal with a real estate professional. Find someone you can trust to handle your real estate needs.

Real estate agents are armed with accurate market values and have an up-to-date knowledge of recent trends in your real estate market. There are so many home evaluation issues that can come up in this business that a computer can’t see… your local agent can see, however!

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Upside Down Mortgage: Sell?

In today’s housing market, it is entirely possible that homeowners who purchased at the peak of the housing bubble currently owe more on their home than the home’s actual value on the open market. There are other factors that could lead to a home being worth less than owed – if its badly run down or in need of major repairs, for example.

Property usually increases with time, but the markets are going to need to stabilize in many areas before homes bought during the housing bubble see an increase in property value.

One way to sell house when the actual value is less than the current amount owed is to transfer the homes deed for a small fee from a buyer. The hope is that they’ll pick up the part of the balance on the home and relieve the original borrower out of the repayment contract.

Selling a home when the homeowner is in a period of upside mortgage sounds like a last resort, but it’s up to the individual. Anyone considering selling a property in this delicate situation will likely want to connect with a real estate agent to figure out if selling in the current market is really the best option. The alternative and preferred method of selling the house would be, of course, to hold on to the property for a few years and hope the sale of the home will bring you a profit.

Considering a mortgage refinance if you’re upside down? Do the math and find out how much you can afford on a refi by using an online mortgage calculator.

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Discovering House Values

You’ve added an extra room, fixed up your kitchen, and remodeled your basement. Your home is much nicer now than when you bought it. So, now that all of those improvements are made, you’re wondering… what’s my house worth?

After all the time you’ve invested, your house is probably worth more. Is now a good time to sell, or not? Look at a list of how much other homes are being sold for in the newspaper. Is it higher than you expect? Are there people looking to move into your area? Maybe the school district is excellent and parents are moving in. These days, people probably aren’t willing to pay more than market value, but perhaps your home has a greater value than you thought.

Do you want to put your home in the real estate listings? Have you been planning to sell for a while? Repaint some rooms, fix that broken window, patch the walls, replace that dangling electrical socket. Your home will make a good impression on buyers. Start to envision buyer after buyer stepping through the hallways, examining each room, tapping on the doors to test the quality of the wood, trying to figure out how the radiator works. Like you, they will probably wonder to themselves while touring your home – “what’s this house worth?”

If you have been wondering “what’s my house worth” now could be the time to get an answer. can set you up with a qualified real estate professional who will examine your property closely to determine its fair market price.

Ready to get connected with a real estate agent in your area for a free home evaluation? Visit and type your zip code in the box on the right hand side of the site to begin receiving a free home value report.

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Home Valuation Research

You’ve been reading the headlines and looking at the state of the housing market. You’re starting to wonder, “how much is my house worth?

There are a few options you have when seeking how much your house is worth. Real estate appraisers are available by phone, can come to your home, and do a complete appraisal on your property to answer your question. Appraisers will give you an accurate price of the value of your home and as many as three comparable properties.

Discovering how much your house is worth is often the first step for people looking to sell their home and those looking to refinance a home loan. In order to get approved for mortgage refinancing, banks need proof of a professional appraisal.

Appraisers can cost as little as $300, or as much as $500. They also take as much as two weeks to have space for you in their schedule. There is another option, however, which is totally free to find out how much your house is worth. Real estate agents can complete a Comparative Market Analysis, which is similar in some respects to an appraisal, for free. Having a real estate agent find your home value with a CMA is free and can be done quickly, the same day.

Consider having a free CMA done by a real estate agent to discover how much your house is worth. GetMyHomesValue can connect you with a local real estate agent, instantly in some cases.

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Discovering House Valuation

If you need to know what your house is worth, there are many things you can do to find it out.

Call a real estate appraiser on the phone, have them come out to your home, and do a complete appraisal. When the appraiser is finished, they’ll give you an accurate price of the value of your home.

What’s my house worth is often the first question people ask when they are thinking about selling a home. Another good reason you might ask what your house is worth would be for the bank to give you a refinance on your home. Banks will need proof of a true home value in order to refinance.

If you do not want to pay a fee for an appraiser to come out to your house, there is another option which is totally free. can connect you with a real estate agent to discover the answer, free.

When you want to discover what your house is worth, consider having a free CMA done by a real estate agent. They will come out to your house, often at no cost, and give you an idea of what your house might be worth on today’s market.

Ready to get connected with a real estate agent in your area for a free home evaluation? Visit and type your zip code in the box on the right hand side of the site to begin receiving a free home value report.

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