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Manufactured Home Values

If you are looking to find the value of a home that is manufactured, there are several good places to start your research.

  • Search online
  • Look in your telephone book for the nearest retailer
  • Go to the actual retailers who build and sell these houses

The retailers will obviously have information on brand new house prices, but if you’re looking for an idea of cost for purchasing a home, this is obviously the place to go. If you are considering a manufactured home as an investment, know that mobile homes typically decrease in price rather than increase. If you do a lot of improvements to the house, any home will be higher in the future than the few years before the improvements.

Want another way to find a manufactured property value? Do a search on the internet and try to find a website that has mobile house listings. For accurate manufactured home values, you should probably connect with a local real estate agent.

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Inflated House Values

With inflated house values, 2006 was a great time for homeowners to sell their property. They were able to get top dollars for their homes.

Today, we live in a different economy, and a different housing market. The biggest problem with inflated house values was for the people who were in the market to buy a home. Inflated house values made it very difficult for couples just starting out to try and purchase a new home. Wages were not rising as fast as the inflated house values.

Right around the peak of the bubble was the first time in recent memory that purchasing a foreclosure property or a fixer upper became an increasingly popular idea. At the time, there seemed to be no way to tell when those inflated house values would drop, or if they ever would.

For people thinking about selling their homes, the housing boom was great. People who wanted to sell could almost buy a home one day, and put it on sale the next.

If you want to see just how high these inflated house values really were, consider contacting a local real estate agent who’s been in the business since at least 2000. They likely have the best industry research at their fingertips to show you how much prices have changed in the wake of the “burst bubble” on the housing market.

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Average House Price

Doom and gloom articles are showing up every day in the newspaper when it comes to house values. Average house prices are falling! Reports all show that average house values have dropped since 2004. In October of ’04, the average price for a single family home was $243,540, based on 23,466 loans from 77 lenders.

At that time, house values were on an upswing. In October 2003, the average house prices were $243,756. That means over the course of one year, home values increased approximately 8%, or about $20,000! That is a significant jump for one year. Some attribute this to the fact that most mortgage rates were around 6% at the time.

Home prices have been dropping, but with prices on such a skyrocket jump during the housing boom, weren’t prices bound to come back to earth as the markets normalized?

Today, the average house price is down in many areas across the country. This can be determined simply by watching homes that have sold in the newspaper. Curb appeal aside, do you know what the average home price is in your neighborhood, and how your home compares?

If you are wondering how the value of your home has changed in today’s housing market, it would behoove you to visit today to get connected with a local real estate agent who is an expert in your market.

You may be a bit surprised at what your home might be worth. To get started in receiving a free home value estimate from a local real estate agent, visit and type your zipcode in the box on the top right. Follow the instructions on the following page, and GetMyHomesValue will put you in touch with a local real estate agent to assist you with your needs.

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