Real Estate Valuation

October 6, 2008 at 11:58 am Leave a comment

There are three main options homeowners have in the search for finding out their home value:

  • Consulting an online home value website
  • Working with a real estate appraiser
  • Connecting with a local real estate agent

Consulting a website is probably the most time effective method for finding your homes value, but how accurate can a website be? There are a lot of fine details that go into discovering a homes value, and a website has never stepped foot inside your home. Would you trust a person to tell you how much your house is worth without ever seeing your property? Didn’t think so.

In order for a lender to give you a mortgage on a new home, it needs to be evaluated by a professional appraiser. However, is this the best option for someone just trying to figure out how much their house is worth? There are a limited amount of appraisers in each local area, and there can be a wait list for having a professional appraisal to be done.

There is another option which is absolutely free for anyone trying to figure out how much is their house is worth – real estate agents. Real estate agents are experts on their local area’s housing market, and can often access a property with similar accuracy to what an appraiser would.

It is really up to the individual person for which way to go when answering the question “how much is my house worth?,” but meeting with a local real estate agent seems to be the most cost and time effective method.

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