St Joseph Home Sales: Myth Or Fact?

October 4, 2008 at 11:00 am Leave a comment

Trying to get your home sold and not getting any offers? One tale known to work pretty well is to use a Saint Joseph Statue. These statues can be purchased online. When you get it, bury it in your backyard.

Many people have used a Saint Joseph Statue to sell their house with great success. If you are Catholic, using a St. Joseph Statue to sell a house as a sign of good faith is definitely a great option.

When you use a Saint Joseph Statue to sell a house, most people will pray to it everyday. Make sure you mark where you put the statue to sell your house.

While using a St. Joseph statue is a common practice, does it REALLY produce results? Or is it merely an ancient myth without a guarantee?

Leave us some success stories with St. Joseph’s Statue in the comments section. Or, if you think its a bunch of hooey, tell us that too.

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